Neta Banner App is developed with the aim of providing daily posts, creatives and banner designs and videos to individuals and representatives from political fields.This app provides designs and videos for Special Occasions, Birthdays, Positive Thoughts , Festivals, Birth Anniversary, Death Anniversary. The Banner can be easily posted on social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp,Instagram.In Neta Banner app, you can create attractive designs with your name, designation, photo and party symbol in one click


The app allows users, including Neta banner makers, political post makers, and supporters of various political parties, to create and share images with their pictures and details. This transparency enables political figures to communicate with their constituents effectively, fostering trust and open dialogue.


By providing a platform for political leaders and parties to showcase their work, the app encourages accountability. Users can create designs for various aspects of political life, such as development work, vision, and the impact of their work. This transparency promotes accountability as leaders can showcase their achievements and commitments.

Empowers citizens

The app empowers citizens by allowing them to actively engage with the political process. Supporters, party workers, and citizens can use the app to create and share political posts and banners, making their voices heard and their support visible. It democratizes political communication, giving citizens a platform to express their views and promote their candidates.

Informed decision-making

Neta Banner provides a wide range of designs for various events, including festivals, special days, and political milestones. This helps inform citizens about the work and activities of their political leaders and parties. Voters can make informed decisions based on the content shared through these designs, which cover a diverse range of topics and events.

Neta Banner App Overview

"Neta Banner App is the ultimate solution for political enthusiasts, offering a wide range of beautifully designed banners for Neta, Yuva Neta, and political parties. With a versatile selection of templates for various occasions and languages, it empowers users to create eye-catching posts and banners effortlessly. Make your political messaging stand out with Neta Banner App!"

User-friendly interface

Simple and intuitive interface, easy to use and navigate.

Attractive design

New designs every day.Various templates for every occasion.

Create banners easily

Select, upload and create attractive frames.

Unlimited Banners

Birthday, Special days, Festivals, quotes and many more designs


Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali designs

Keep social media updated

Choose a template design that is suitable for social media posts

Group Feature

Create a group of people. Send to Design in Group.

Refer And Earn

Tell friends and family about this app and get attractive cashback

Who can use Neta Banner App ?

District President, Vice President Taluka President, Vice President City President, Vice President Branch President, Vice President Political Parties Group Head Social Media Team Sarpanch, Gram Panchayat, Panchayat Samiti, Nagar Panchayat Member Associations, boards, organizations,groups and social workers Willing candidates Karykarta


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The Neta Banner App is not just about creating eye-catching banners.It helps to win the election and to reach the voters. It creates your identity in Social Media.

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